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Surely you have heard many times the concept of reunifying a debt , and you have heard opinions against and opinions in favor, advantages and disadvantages of this financial figure, and you have asked yourself if you could be useful in the economic situation that you are currently going through.

The reunification of debts, as its own name indicates, implies the fact of grouping several loans into one only , which gives us advantages such as having a lower interest rate, a longer repayment term , and, therefore, a monthly fee to pay much less, something that will make it easier for us to reach the end of the month without so many headaches.

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    • 2.1 How much does it cost to reunify debts in financials?
    • 2.2 Reunify loans and debts in banks
  • 3 All costs of debt reunification
  • 4 Can I reunify my debts without mortgage / housing?

Get payday advance consolidation now

The reunification of loans becomes more common every day, at the same pace as the savings of the families touches the ground. Consolidate all loans via to face a single payment, is an interesting way to get a lower monthly fee and get to the end of the month with some money in your pocket.

Advantages and disadvantages of reunifying credits or loans:

  1. The monthly fee that you will have to pay, will be much lower than all you paid.
  2. The interest will be much lower than with your consumer loans.
  3. By reuniting the loans you get a longer amortization time.
  4. The expenses for the cancellation of the loans must be paid.
  5. You must pay the expenses for the opening of a new loan, a mortgage or the novation of the mortgage that you already had.
  6. We will obtain a personal or mortgage loan that we will have to pay for more time.

It can be a good solution to fix a financial problem that can not be extended any longer, such as an imminent auction or embargo situation.

  • The ideal is to unify all debts in a mortgage, since the repayment term can be extended to 35 or 40 years.
  • If we reunify it in a new personal loan, we will notice a much lower reduction in fees.

How is a debt reunification done?

How is a debt reunification done?

If a person has several loans, for example, car financing, credit cards, personal loans and a mortgage loan, he can proceed to reunify his debts, joining all those loans under the umbrella of a same mortgage loan .

For this, all previous loans are canceled and a new loan is requested, ideally with a mortgage guarantee, which can cover the previous loans and the commission that the intermediary can charge. Then, we find that the reunification of several debts is very similar to formalizing a mortgage loan to use.

How much does it cost to reunify debts in financials?

How much does it cost to reunify debts in financials?

What they will offer you is a personal loan, which is enough to cover the ones you already have open. You have to count on the payment of possible commissions for closing them, and for opening the new one.

The financial companies are more flexible and in many of them it does not matter if you are in asnef or another list of defaulters (with debt less than € 2000), but they will not grant it if you present yourself without a guarantee of any kind, to ensure the return of the money.

Example : we have 3 credit cards in which we have financed purchases worth 4,000 euros and a travel loan worth 6000 euros. The result is a monthly fee of € 550 that we need to reduce.

  • We ask for 10,000 euros.
  • We will pay in 5 years.
  • Interest rate of 8.3% APR
  • Monthly fees of € 202.77
  • Total to pay 11,791.98 EUR
  • We ask for 10,000 euros.
  • 5 year amortization period
  • Interest rate of 12.64% APR
  • Monthly fees of € 222.20
  • Total payable 13,364.53 EUR

Reunify loans and debts in banks

If over time you have contracted several debts and want to unify them to pay a single fee , your goal should be to get a single mortgage at your usual bank. So your first option would be to access a mortgage backed by a home that you own, and that in general will give you a much lower interest rate than in the financial ones.

Refinancing in ING Direct 
In the mortgage simulator that ING has , you fill out the form with your information about the income of the holders of the future mortgage and the expenses you have with other loans. This takes you to a simulator where you can select “Mortgage my house. To Refinance or cancel debts. “

    • They give you up to 80% of the appraised value of the home.
    • You have a term of up to 40 years to pay it.
    • The commissions are 0%.
    • The minimum amount to request is € 50,000.

Example : we have 2 personal loans with Cofidis, BigBank or any other financial, for a value of 40,000 euros, a car loan of 6,000 euros, and a credit in the BBVA of 4,000 euros. All this generates a monthly payment of € 915 .

– Our monthly income: € 3000 
– Expenses on other loans: € 915 
– Value of the house: € 150,000

We will ask for an amount of € 50,000 to settle everything we owe, for a term of 20 years. What results in a monthly fee of: € 233.12 / month

For your particular case Remember that you must always add the cancellation fees of each loan, if any, and the commission for opening the new loan, as well as any other expenses. Remember also that these interest rates are indicative, and that it is the entity that makes an assessment of the risks and puts a price on the operation.

If you did a reunification of debts without a mortgage, it would lead you to ask for a personal loan that brings everything you owe, and you would not get such a large reduction in the amount of the monthly installments, since the repayment terms are shorter and the interest a lot. Taller.

All costs of debt reunification

All costs of debt reunification
    1. First of all there is the commission for the cancellation of the loans, the initial mortgage or other debts. These commissions tend to oscillate between 0.25% and 1%.
    2. Cancellation costs of this mortgage and loans. Canceling a mortgage is not free and requires payment of a series of fees such as notary, registration, etc.
    3. Commission for the opening of the new mortgage. The vast majority of mortgages have an opening commission, so when making a novation, we will have to pay the expenses of the notary, registry and agency.
    4. Tax on Documented Legal Acts. When registering the mortgage, this tax must be paid.
    5. The commission of the financial intermediary, in case the reunification is not done directly with the bank or cashier. Something that on the other hand would be the most advisable, since they offer more attractive interest rates and are supervised by the Bank of Spain.

In short, unifying the debts generates an unequivocal gain in the client that happens to pay a lower monthly fee, but also incurs expenses that must be taken into account when signing any contract.

Can I reunify my debts without mortgage / housing?

Can I reunify my debts without mortgage / housing?

Of course you can do it, both banks and private equity entities can help you get the money you need, but by not presenting a home as collateral, you can not have the advantages obtained by formalizing a mortgage.

In the case of not being able to present a house as collateral, the entities will ask you to support the operation with sufficient income, have the necessary personal guarantees (pension plan, savings, deposits) or present a solvent guarantor.

With a non-mortgage loan you will have to settle for a repayment period that does not last more than 5 years, and some installments in which you will not notice such a large capital reduction. I would advise you to make a reunification of debts without a mortgage when you owe medium amounts, which come from loans with a high interest rate: credit cards, personal loans, car bills, travel financing, etc.

Although it is a non-mortgage loan, you will also have the advantage of paying lower interest and fees than if you were paying several of those loans in different entities.

The biggest risk that comes with reunifying your debts comes from the temporary space between which the existing loans are canceled and a mortgage is obtained. During this time, a promissory note with a temporary maturity and a guarantee on the home is signed.

If after the indicated period the new mortgage is not obtained, for any reason, the house would pass to the financial intermediary against whom we signed the promissory note. Therefore, it is very important to read carefully all the clauses of the bridge contract between loan cancellation and novation of new mortgage, and be very clear that our financial situation will guarantee that new mortgage.

It is worth remembering that many people have lost their homes for trusting too much financial intermediaries and not read carefully the fine print of the contracts they signed.

High-Risk Loans – 8 Factors You Have To Know About Risky Loans

But you might not be unsurprised. Additionally, the mortgage amount is determined by the existing price of the automobile only. At the end of mortgage tenure period, you are able to both pay the whole mortgage amount off or you have the possibility to pay for the minimum interest rate. Your automobile has to be fully-paid down and you should be the primary operator of the car.

Once you start paying up in regular payments and get your mortgage you obtain private account manager or your own PAM who will enable you to with all the complicated paperwork and assist you to together with the overall deal until your mortgage is paid-up. Our automobile title loans are available to virtually everyone 18 years with a reduced auto and a distinct subject, at least $1000 monthly of continual verifiable money, as well as a recent permanent home. You can get a car loan either throughout a store or through your financial institution. Check both choices before you commit out.

You’re able to distribute it online, after performing the application form. However, cash title loans aren’t all favorable. These lenders make astronomical interest levels but the cost and conceal the fine print. Anywhere you go, you’ll be able to merely make an application for that loan. Substantial water harm can be caused by leaky roofs to your house and emergency repairs could cost thousands of dollars.

It can be really hard to function without your car, but with fast car title loans, you may still maintain your car and get the money that you need. Because you are utilizing the automobile as power for the mortgage name credits often come with higher interest levels than advances. Candidates don’t need to wait times or weeks to get approved and also to proceed with a great deal of paperwork.

Before cleaning the car title loans, the debtor should not choose another mortgage. This way, you get the money and the expenses receive money. The financial institution may, apparently, desire to see the automobile title’s document. These are the short-term financial choices for your individuals.

But the various rates examine and could gather and choose the reasonable price based on his payment capability as competing price of curiosity can be purchased in industry. Folks are not receiving income that is enough to match with their improved price of the dwelling. Car-title loans’ business can be very good for those that really understand the means of the business enterprise. Lenders are assured of their income and to consumers, the loan is offered by them to the base of the car title.

The automobile may thus stay in his possession so-long the whole loan clears along with interest. Luckily, it indeed is generally an extremely easy approach that is performed instantly, for the part, once your mortgage is paid off. Dropping your vehicle whilst the consequence of the non-payment of the loan is one of the explanations why it’s vital that you repay the mortgage.

3 Tips For Saving Money On The Bad Credit Car Loan

Buying your best family car is something which requires the input from the whole family. For starters, take the fact that the car you eventually end up with is not only yours but additionally your wife and children. Using a family council and seated to discuss the task at hand will probably much help in finding not merely the appropriate model but also the very best car financing deal or even best bad credit car loans online.

In case your credit is middle of the street, you may be able to arrange your financing, but if your credit provides driven off the road, then you’ll have to work with a dealer that focuses on no credit auto financing dealer loans. Many sellers advertise as no credit score auto financing dealer mortgage specialists, but it is not often the case.

Automobile buying guide A person with a low credit score will be asked to pay a higher down payment, around 10% to 20% of the selling price associated with whatever you are getting. It makes it easier for you to get a car loan for bad credit in case you pay a higher down payment. This particular tells the lender that you are seriously interested in the investment. Discuss this time carefully with your borrower, even though, as you might end up having to pay a down payment that is a lot more than you can afford.

What’s an excellent Score For An Auto Loan? Various lenders have different requirements about what they deem to become a “good” score. What all boils down to is “What interest rate am I likely to have to pay? ” You can nevertheless probably find a lender that will give you a car loan with a credit rating of 580, but you are going to pay an extraordinarily high rate of interest for it. Get yourself bumped as much as over 600 and even better, over 620, and you have some more options, but the rate you pay is still not going to end up being pleasant. If you have scores within the range of 650 to 680, interest rates are going to be decent. Have yourself over fed direct loan unsubsidized 1 700, and you have got shopping power baby!

It’s a good idea to make contact with the three major credit bureaus and obtain fresh copies of the credit history they have on you once your bankruptcy is a few months at the rear of you. You should double-check all the details on those reports to make sure their accuracy. Follow up with any discrepancies right away, to enable you to debt consolidation begin repairing your credit score.

Similarly, getting away from debt is also a time eating process. You need to be patient plus consistent with your debt consolidation intend to get desired results. Asking for a new larger loan along with lower interest rate to pay off your present high-interest debts merely is one subsidized and unsubsidized loans difference part of the story. You need to learn many other things furthermore if you wish to get success in your endeavor.

A budget is just the beginning of getting yourself away from debt. You have to start someplace, and this will help you to at least make your mind in order.

You will want to obtain quotes from several auto lenders. Evil credit car leasing secrets financing companies view individuals with bad credit as high-risk. To protect themselves from arrears, they will charge a higher rate of interest. What this means to you is that you may have higher car payments. Rates of interest will vary by lender. You need several quotes and evaluate the standards and conditions of each lender and select the best one. Shopping for the very best rate will not impact your credit as long as all queries are done within an affordable time frame, usually within a few weeks. The credit bureaus recognize that you happen to be rate shopping and not seeking to secure several loans.

If you happen to have used vehicles Kansas City, just fill out their very own form online, and they’ll be those will call you to go over business. No matter how risky your credit report may be, they will gladly consult with you the options that you have if you sell your car or change it for something else.

A person is a woman to take advantage of these suggestions. However, the particular sad experience is that females do need further attempts to get a fair deal with regards to car buying.

Annuities – Don’t Put Your Ira In An Adjustable Annuity

The payday loans direct lender no credit check online answer to this question lies in your needs and needs. If those are to be able to borrow touch and does not want to try any risk with their property, then unsecured bank loan is suitable to the pup. The advantages in which the secured bank loan UK offers is low rate curiosity which consequently cut expense and extends repayment work-time. A personal secured loan is much easier get than unsecured loans. The UK people signature loans poor credit should undoubtedly avail secured personal loan because added security is the type of assurance on the lender.

The regarding a debt that you can comfortably handle is keep in mind as varied as people’s individual considerations. However, there are some guidelines to consider when determining how much debt are able to carry.

The second main argument for employing a why annuities are bad investments a great IRA is the death benefit (not offered with a mutual fund). “That way you’ll never need to worry of your beneficiary getting less than you invested”, the thoughtful advisor expresses. This feature may seem subtle, anyone ends up paying the particular nose for doing it.

Each as well as he boasts a personal credit score. If you are older than 21, most likely have a brief history with credit cards, getting loans, and carrying department store cards. Of course, many have been more consistent than others in regards to making on-time monthly payments on those various pros and cons of annuities when compared with other financial instruments. That kind of personal payment history, along with several other factors, determines our FICO, or credit, score.

Say both you and your spouse are each 75 years old. You offer a charity a $500,000 CGA. You’d receive $28,000 a month. Based on current immediate annuity rates or your joint life expectancy, latest value of that particular annuity equals $300,000. You donated assets worth $500,000, so your charitable tax break would be around $200,000.

Here’s the best thing. Once you’ve subscribed to the sending website’s RSS feed, need to is auto. When the website publishes new content — daily, weekly, whatever — your page will update automatically.

Hedging is a technique which is used to cancel, minimize or completely eliminate financial risks. Every person considered being a useful financial tool. CFDs are extensively used by hedge fund managers. They consider CFD staying an easy tool for gaining profit on a regular which is actually losing value in the markets. Therefore, many investors purchase a quick CFD for hedging a good point which is a part of their total investment demo tape.

You shouldn’t compare an equity-indexed annuity to a hard annuity. A good comparison could be to an adjustable annuity because none from the returns of a fixed annuity is more responsive to the wall street game.

Successful Monetary Planning For Your Business

Most of the easiest loans to obtain approved for will not also require a credit check. When you no longer need more than about $1, 500, you can get the money you will need very fast with an online payday loan. This type of loan is extremely fast and easy to get, which makes all of them some of the easiest personal loans intended for approval.

Vendor funding allows you to get the funds you should start up your business from the service provider of the supplier. For example, if you need to start a vending machine company they can offer you financing for that soda machines, snack devices, or a combination of them. They might even be able to help you with protecting great locations for putting them. With vendor financial, you will agree to pay monthly obligations for the equipment and materials.

There are billions of bucks in grants given out annual by the U. S. govt. These grants are actually financed by the taxes paid solely by U. S. citizens. Grants or loans for education such as Pell grants, and those given by means of loans to start a small business, all are available to those who qualify. And you may apply for an offer as well but this one is to relieve own personal debt. You have paid your taxes each year so why shouldn’t you end up being as eligible as one to get help when you need it?

There is a reason large businesses use check groups and extensive studies before launching a new item. Most ideas are actually horrible. The problem with small business owners is they often fall in love with an idea plus refuse to budge. A great idea will not make a business. Before you start trying to get first-time small business loans make sure you can actually put into action your great idea into an income generating model.

The very first thing you need to do is to promote their products plus services on an individual web page that you created. Once a person buys online, you get to possess a commission from an individual firm.

You have to realize that an incredible quantity of new businesses never ensure it is past the first year. Several starts out dedicated and hyped-up about their new business, and so they try as hard because they can to keep it up however they still fail. Passion by yourself won’t bring about success.


Who is Greenwich Mean Time ?

Greenwich Mean Time is a company with a difference. Not just a global software company, Greenwich Mean Time is a strongly sales and marketing oriented company with more than 5000 retail and 2000 VAR business partners. Greenwich Mean Time was founded in 1996 by Karl W.Feilder and Sarah E. Eynon after many years experience in the Desktop Management arena. Feilder had his first success in building a company in this field, which reached a peak in 1995, when it sold out to Microsoft. Eynon comes from a background in finance and marketing, having worked for advertising agencies and Microsoft. Greenwich Mean Time was established in 1996 in South Africa and then relocated its head-office operations to the U.K. in 1997.

Greenwich Mean Time products may be divided into three categories : corporate software, retail (home user) software, and so called e-Products based on internet enabled technologies.

Greenwich Mean Time has recently launched Make It SOE and The J Box for its global installed customer base and existing channels to market. Make It SOE is a suite of products that help customers deal with the greatest computer networking problem today – achieving a manageable standard operating environment (SOE) to regain control of their desktops. The J Box is a digital jukebox for the PC – managing music in a friendly, convenient way.



Greenwich Mean Time finds simple reasons for small business disinterest in the government year 2000 campaign.

London, UK – (26 November 1998) – 400 days to 2000. The conclusion of a recent survey* conducted by Action 2000 shows that more than half of small to medium sized UK businesses are not prepared – or preparing – for the millennium bug.

Now Karl W. Feilder, President & CEO of Greenwich Mean Time and an advisor to Action 2000, has released the reasons for this high level of inactivity, established during informal research his company routinely conducts.

“Of the 973 calls we had from small and medium businesses during August and September, we’ve analysed the answers to our routine question, ‘Why haven’t you dealt with this problem sooner’. These are the reasons we’ve been given,” says Feilder.

1. I don’t understand the problem (23%).
2. My computer is new so I don’t think it will be affected (19%).
3. Microsoft (or the computer industry) will fix it (17%).
4. I thought the problem only affected mainframes (13%).
5. My suppliers have given me letters saying their products are fine (7%).
6. It’s a hardware problem (5%).
7. It’s a scam by the computer industry (5%).
8. My IT manager says he has the situation under control (4%).
9. I don’t use my PC for anything really important (3%).
10. If it were that serious the government would be doing something about it (2%).
11. Other (2%).

Feilder, who has made this information available to Action 2000, says these “reasons” are year 2000 myths, with the exception of the first one. Acknowledged worldwide as the authority on the year 2000 PC problem, Feilder lists the facts as follows:

1. Most people don’t understand the problem but that won’t make it go away. What you really do need to understand is that this is a business problem and that it can be solved.

2. 11% of the PCs manufactured in the first half of 1998 are not year 2000 compliant. You can’t know which they are unless you test every PC.

3. Microsoft, or any other member of the computer industry, cannot fix it since the problem occurs across all five layers of the PC and no one member of the industry produces all of them. The five layers are hardware, operating systems, software programs, user data and data sharing.

4. The mainframe problem is much more easily solved than the PC problem. There are 400 million PCs in use in the world today, a far greater number than mainframes. PCs are the prevalent devices that feed information to and from mainframes.

5. The only purpose these letters serve is to show due diligence.

6. The hardware constitutes about 1% of the problem and is easily overcome. Far more serious are the software, data and data sharing layers.

7. It doesn’t serve anyone to endanger the world’s economy. This problem is frighteningly real.

8. This is a business problem based on a technical oversight. Management needs to be sure that the problem is under control, with the help and support of the IT manager/department.

9. Research conducted by Gartner Group in January 1998 shows that 64% of mission critical business applications are run on PCs.

10. It is that serious. Action 2000, the government funded year 2000 taskforce, currently has a budget of 17 million. But ultimately, your business is your responsibility.

“Obviously, the major obstacle is that people don’t understand this problem but enough information is widely available,” says Feilder. “If you own a business it is up to you to save it. You can’t expect anyone else to care more about your business than you do. However, I do believe the hardware and software companies should use more of their vast financial resources to help their customers transition into the next century,” he says.

About Greenwich Mean Time.

Greenwich Mean Time’s unrivalled research and understanding of the Year 2000 PC challenge led to the development of the Check 2000 suite of diagnostic and corrective software. Check 2000 is the only product suite on the market which address all five layers of the Year 2000 problem: hardware, operating system, software programme, data and data sharing. Today, Check 2000 is established as the industry standard, due largely to the maturity of the brand and its unprecedented functionality in large scale enterprise projects. Greenwich Mean Time’s ongoing investment in research and development continuously advances the world’s chance of economic survival through 2000.

Headquartered in the UK, the company currently has offices in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Further information on Greenwich Mean Time and its products can be found at:

* Action 2000 is the government-funded taskforce charged with helping UK organisations prepare for the millennium date change. Their telephonic survey was conducted in September/October 1998 among 2,600 private sector organisations employing between 10 and 500+ people.