A Guide to Acupuncture Companies in Hoboken and Jersey City


There are several ways to deal with physical pain, depending on tolerance, preferences and the type of injury. Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine rooted in the Chinese practice of inserting fine needles into pressure points and painful areas of the body. It is designed to stimulate various parts of your body and promote a healing response. There are various acupuncture practitioners in the area, so we have compiled a list of them in Hoboken and Jersey City.


Acupuncture workshop {1321 Washington Street}

A 45-minute acupuncture treatment costs $ 140, and Acupuncture Atelier suggests that acupuncture treatments can help fight depression and anxiety as well as women’s health and fertility. Co-founders Sara and Samia use all three acupuncture methods to treat, not hide, pain.

Classic Acupuncture + Well-being {113 Monroe Street}

Classic Acupuncture + Well-being

Belinda Batson Brown offers acupuncture in Hoboken and New York. She uses classic acupuncture methods {hence the name}, preserved as they were at its peak. This means that it is formed on all 74 acupuncture meridians, as opposed to the 14 meridians that others are trained to use. She also offers suction cups, gua sha and more.

Dao-Sheng Acupuncture {109 Grand Street # 101}

Dr Shi-Hong Loh uses acupuncture to treat infertility and other female problems, as well as migraines, postpartum depression, and even cancer. Dr. Loh uses acupuncture to restore Qi, the strength or energy of someone’s body, to its functioning state, by moving through meridians connected to organ systems.

Hoboken Acupuncture + Herbs {79 Hudson Street # 104}

Hoboken Acupuncture + Herbs uses a combination of Eastern and Western practices, including Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, moxibustion, and nutritional counseling, depending on clients’ needs.

Integrated healthcare in Hoboken {90 Hudson Street}

Acupuncture is one of the many treatments offered by Hoboken Integrated Healthcare, and practitioners use it as a method to treat pain and injuries, migraines, spinal decompression, and more. The company serves all of Hudson County and can combine acupuncture with other pain relief methods for carpal tunnel relief, pain relief, and more.

Hudson Family Rehab {51 Newark Street}

Rehabilitation of the Hudson family

The state-of-the-art facility houses highly qualified physicians. The team is able to help patients relieve back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, joint pain, whiplash, headaches, sprains, strains and chronic diseases that can have a significant impact on lifestyle.

Hudson Healing Arts {51 Newark Street # 403}

Hudson's Healing Arts

Acupuncture for the modern day is the specialty of Hudson Healing Arts. The practice combines it with herbal medicine, Reiki, Bach flowers, hypnosis and more to offer a holistic and traditional approach to oriental practice.

Hudson Sport + Spine Chiropractic {70, rue Hudson # 2B}

Hudson Sport + Spine Chiropractic

Dr. Todd Givens and his team treat pain with a variety of different methods, including acupuncture. The team uses it to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and release pain-relieving chemicals.

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Kelly Points {1 Newark Street}

At Kelly’s Points, the body-mind connection is the key to healing. As a result, Virginia Kelly offers counseling, psychotherapy, feng shui consultations, cosmetic treatments, etc. Kelly provides most of the services herself.

Nourish the life Acupuncture + Well-being {106 4th Street}

Nourish the Life uses acupuncture and other treatments to revitalize minds and nourish bodies. Combined with Reiki healing and other practices like Tui Na and cupping, the team uses acupuncture and other traditional oriental medicines to treat pain.

Sports acupuncture + Family well-being {36-42 Newark Street, # 203}

Dr. Chang uses acupuncture to diagnose the root cause of pain, treat disease, and recommend lifestyle changes that will benefit the mind, body, and spirit of the patient.

Treating acupuncture + wellness {51 Newark Street, # 403}

Treat combines acupuncture with traditional Chinese medicines and nutritional therapy for a holistic approach to wellness. Carla San Diego opened this office in 2015 and studied acupuncture and holistic health care after being diagnosed with voice disease.

Jersey city

Acu Equilibrium LLC {3523 JFK Boulevard}

Young S. Ko believes that acupuncture helps ease digestion and fight bad habits and addictions. It also offers electro-acupuncture, sending electrical impulses through fine needles to remove stagnant areas of Qi.

Acuworx acupuncture studio {190 Christopher Columbus Drive, Studio 3A}

Acuworx acupuncture studio

Acuworx offers tailor-made treatment plans. The first step for practitioners is to relieve pain and then to focus on wellness and personal care. Acupuncture is combined with cupping, gua sha, and Chinese medicine to relieve pain and stress.

Balance by acupuncture {75, rue Montgomery}

Carla Lescano uses acupuncture to help her patients quit smoking and uses auricular acupuncture to use one aspect of the body {the hands or feet, for example} to treat the whole body for pain. She also offers cupping, gua sha and tui na.

Erin Kumpf Acupuncture + Herbs LLC {212 Palisade Ave # 1R}

Erin Kumpf Acupuncture + Herbs LLC

This women’s health studio uses acupuncture to fight infertility, IVF success, irregular periods, etc. The company combines it with other treatments like tui na, gua sha and cupping for maximum success.

Harborside Sport + spine {75, rue Montgomery # 603}

Harborside Sport and Spine uses acupuncture to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and treat a variety of injuries and stresses resulting from injuries and conditions. Practitioners use it in conjunction with other treatments like spinal decompression therapy to maximize success.

Lee TCM Health Center {293 Grove Street}

Acupuncture, along with acupressure, foot reflexology and more, are all part of Lee TCM’s offerings. The practice uses these treatments to help relieve pain caused by sciatica, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Jersey Premier Pain {550 Newark Ave # 201}

Joint pain, cancer pain, headaches, sports related injuries, fibromyalgia pain and more are treated with acupuncture at Jersey Premier Pain. The company helps, among other things, its patients who are victims of road accidents and work-related injuries.

New Jersey Rehab Experts {610 Washington Boulevard, 129 Newark Avenue}

While New Jersey’s rehabilitation experts focus on injuries and illnesses, the team also helps patients improve their well-being and overall well-being. The company believes that energy balancing acupuncture is vital for a diet of health and wellness.

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Jersey City NJ Acupuncture Center {550 Newark Ave # 201}

nj cryo slimming acupuncture center

Since June 2016, Ani Baran has been personalizing her patients’ plans to help them with pain relief and well-being. She uses acupuncture for weight loss and chronic pain, as well as for migraines, anxiety, and improved sleep, among others. Ani’s practice also has a location in Bayonne – which is just as wonderful, if not more zen, and worth a visit.

SportsMed physiotherapy {720, avenue Bergen}

Acupuncture for migraines, sports injuries, joint pain, nerve damage, and arthritis are all treatments offered by SportsMed Physical Therapy. The company has many locations across the state, with another location in Union City in Hudson County.

United Therapies LLC {2787 John F. Kennedy Blvd C-11}

Dr. Sun uses acupuncture to treat pain caused by a variety of illnesses as well as lifestyle choices, including time spent in front of a computer.


Written by: Erica Commisso

Erica calls Hoboken her adopted home, after moving from Toronto, Canada almost three years ago. She graduated from NYU School of Journalism last year and now spends her days writing and reading. Her interests include everything from sports to books to fashion, and she falls more and more in love with Hudson County with each passing day.


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