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Allergies are among the most difficult medical conditions to treat and eliminate. Western medical treatments for allergies are cumbersome, ineffective and risky. Acupuncture techniques, however, can help alleviate and even eliminate allergy symptoms. Auricular Acupuncture Allergy Treatment by Paul Nogier, MD, and Soliman’s Ear Acupuncture Allergy Treatment (SAAT) are two different ear acupuncture microsystem techniques that are used to resolve allergies. Dr. Nogier introduced his allergy treatment technique in the 1960s as part of the auricular acupuncture microsystem. Dr. Nader Soliman MD, FAAMA, Alternative Center, Maryland, USA, recently presented his alternative ear approach to allergy treatment, SAAT.

Eighty participants were selected and divided into two groups of forty. The individuals were between 8 and 45 years old. They suffered from food or environmental allergies. The first group was selected to receive allergy treatment using Nogier’s point of allergy. A 3 mm seirine needle was inserted into the ear. The second group received the SAAT approach through auricular medicine techniques. Soliman identified the liver as the organ involved in allergic reactions. The auricular projection site of the liver is referred to as Soliman’s allergy zone in the ear. In this study, only the auricular therapy technique was used.

In the first group where Nogier’s allergic zone was addressed, only 10 patients reported a reduction in their allergic symptoms. Right or left ear needling did not change the outcome. Twelve weeks later, they continued to have allergies.

At a follow-up 24 weeks later, all participants continued to experience the same level of allergic symptoms. In the second group, when examining Soliman’s allergy zone, all participants reported no allergic symptoms developing after reexposure to allergens. Twelve weeks later, the participants continued to experience no symptoms. A follow-up 24 weeks later showed that all participants in this group continued to be allergy-free despite repeated exposure to their previous confirmed allergens.

Thus, the SAAT technique appears superior to the Nogier allergy treatment technique in eliminating allergies regardless of their origin. Since its introduction in the 1960s, the ear acupuncture microsystem has proven its viability for treating a wide range of medical conditions. With the advent of the SAAT technique, another dreaded medical condition has succumbed to this powerful microsystem therapy. For any particular allergen, the SAAT technique involves a single insertion of a single ear needle at a specific point within the boundaries of Soliman’s allergy zone. Since the introduction of SAAT, thousands of people have been successfully treated without a single failure.

The author is Head of Acupuncture Department, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi.


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