Long Island City Physiotherapy Practice Body Hack Says It Plays Patient Experience First


Body Hack Physical Therapy, located at 10-42 Jackson Ave. in Long Island City (courtesy of Body Hack)

November 9, 2021 Sponsored post

A Long Island City physiotherapy practice that opened during the pandemic has gained a loyal following through the dedication of its staff.

Body Hack Physical Therapy, located at 10-42 Jackson Ave., prioritizes the patient experience and works with patients to develop a plan of care to ensure their needs are met.

The clinic, founded by physiotherapist Carlos Zorrilla and pharmacist Anthony Varikos in December, offers a variety of “humanized” therapy services, including orthopedic, sports and pain management therapies.

The practice provides treatment to help patients recover from injuries, prevent future injuries, and improve their overall fitness. Zorrilla’s goal is not only to help patients heal, but also to educate them so that they don’t relapse and injure themselves again.

“One of the most common things in physiotherapy is that people end up injuring themselves soon after,” Varikos said.

Body Hack Physical Therapy Patient Treatment Areas (Courtesy Body Hack)

The Body Hack clinic offers pre and postoperative rehabilitation, rehabilitation of chronic and acute skeletal muscle injuries, neuromuscular therapy, posture rehabilitation, sports injury rehabilitation, kinesio tape, injury risk management education patients, a fibromyalgia program, laser therapy and more.

Patients range from young athletes to workers injured on the job, to the elderly. The practice accepts health insurance and workers’ compensation.

Body Hack is developing a “high performance division”, where it teaches athletes how to best use their muscles to perform better in the specific sport they play. The clinic has a growing clientele of soccer players from local football clubs.

Zorrilla also specializes in the treatment of neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Varikos said he and Zorrilla believe Long Island City is the perfect neighborhood to open the firm together. Varikos grew up nearby and loved being close to Manhattan and easily accessible by subway.

“It’s a good location. It’s near the city, ”he said. “We’re right out of the tunnel and one block from the train. “

Body Hack Physical Therapy Patient Care Room (Courtesy Body Hack)

Varikos also paid special attention to the interior design and atmosphere of the clinic when creating Body Hack.

“It’s not your normal physiotherapy clinic that you walk into, it’s generic with the white walls and ceiling tiles,” Varikos said.

Features such as hardwood floors, numerous plants, a reclaimed wood wall, and aromas create a spa atmosphere where patients can relax.

“Part of healing is mental,” Varikos said. “If you get into an environment that is conducive to relaxation, it triggers the healing process. [from the start]. “

He and Zorrilla also made the facility secure against COVID, having opened Body Hack amid the pandemic.

Receipt of Body Hack Physical Therapy (courtesy of Body Hack)

The clinic has glass partitions separating the patient areas and HEPA filtration in the training area which is limited to a maximum of four people. Patients should also have their temperature checked at the door and wear a mask regardless of their immunization status.

Body Hack sets itself apart from other physiotherapy practices with its focus on promoting client relationships and providing the best personalized care, Varikos said.

The clinic does not charge cancellation fees and helps uninsured patients and those with high deductibles set up a cash payment plan.

Fitness area at Body Hack Physical Therapy (courtesy of Body Hack)

Patients spend the majority of their one-on-one sessions with Zorrilla at Body Hack, unlike many other practices where an assistant works with patients for most of their appointment. Zorrilla also tailors each care plan to the needs of each patient.

“What sets us apart is our vision,” said Varikos. “[While] most physiotherapy centers allow you to enter and exit quickly, the therapist spends the majority of the time with the client.

Zorrilla also adjusts her patients’ current therapy plan based on their progress during sessions.

“It’s a dynamic process. It’s not ‘listen, it’s your therapy, come for 12 weeks, then have a good day,’ ”Varikos said of his business partner. “[Zorrilla’s] constantly adjusting the program based on how he thinks each client might respond – and he will stay in touch with them afterward.

The Body Hack team aims to foster lifelong relationships with customers.

“We work with our clients,” Varikos said. “We want them to have a great experience, to make a good recovery, and to develop a lifelong friendship or partnership because, throughout life, you will always need some type of therapy. “

Body Hack Physical Therapy is open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

New and old patients can book an appointment online at Body Hack website or by calling the clinic at 718-433-9909 or by sending an email [email protected].

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