Magnetic therapy insoles increase height


Magnets have not been proven to promote bone growth or increase height

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  • Claim: Magnetic therapy insoles increase height.
  • Evaluation: FAKE
  • Facts: Magnets have not been proven to promote bone growth or increase height.
  • Why did we check this: The video with this claim has 183 shares and over 740,000 views.
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A Facebook page promotes the sale and use of magnetic acupuncture insoles. Their claim is that using magnetic insoles will increase height through “secondary bone development”.

This statement is false.

Magnets have not been proven to increase height. The documented use of magnets in medicine has largely been for healing fractures and not for increasing size. Even then, they were implanted into the body near the fracture site, not as insoles.

Genetics is the main determinant of height. This means that an individual’s height will be roughly around the height of their mother and father. The growth period usually occurs during the growth spurt of puberty.

At the end of puberty, the growth plates close and we can expect height to be the same for the rest of an individual’s life. For girls, this usually happens between the ages of 13 and 15, and for boys, between 15 and 17.

Another component that affects height is poor diet, frequency of diseases, use of certain medications, and even genetic diseases such as Marfan syndrome and Down syndrome.

In the Philippines, an estimated 30% of children under the age of five are stunted, with some parts of the country having rates as high as 40%. This is widely attributed to undernutrition, poverty and poor access to health care. – Renzo Arceta/

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