The Uniqueness of Acupuncture and Injuries


Unique acupuncture treatment allows people to “pain free without pills”

Acupuncture and injury is a veteran-owned medical practice that uses advanced electroacupuncture techniques to relieve pain without pills. The owner is committed to serving veterans and providing the public with an option for pain relief without the use of opioid painkillers.

The electroacupuncture techniques used at Acupuncture and Injury allow for shorter treatment times, faster and longer pain relief. The treatment techniques provide for fewer needles used and shorter treatment times compared to conventional acupuncture. Electroacupuncture treatments use specific techniques to elicit specific physiological responses in the body to provide targeted pain relief. Treatments are performed in low light conditions with soothing music playing in the background as patients nap or rest quietly during their treatment. The needles can be placed on the body or on the ear!

As part of the office’s commitment to having “pain-free, pill-free” patients, medically assisted therapy (MAT) is also provided. MAT also known by the brand name “Suboxone” is buprenorphine is used for the purpose of controlling opiate withdrawal to treat addiction in conjunction with counseling. Hence the name “medically assisted therapy”. Acupuncture and Injury has been treating patients with opioid addiction for over 11 years. Patient visits are discreet because the name of the company does not suggest the diagnosis of opioid use disorder or the nature of their acupuncture visit.

As part of its commitment to Veterans, Acupuncture and Injury is offering a 50% discount to Veterans who pay cash! Acupuncture and Injury is located in Marietta, Ga and serves the metro Atlanta area.

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Company Name: Acupuncture and injury
Contact person: James Granger, MD
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Call: 678-247-2115
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